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Innovative solutions
to boost your creative projects

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Get ready to start your exciting journey.
Let 10pencils lead you through the amazing digital world

Video name — 3:45 min.
Image module
Image module
Affordable video

Let our professonals shape your online presence with more video and increased engagement

At 10pencils we know how valuable your time is. We also know how important social media is and the dramatic effect adding video to your posts and website can have.

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Services we specialize in

Video Production
For wherever you need it.
Social Media
Engaging on the right platform for your business.
Using the right platform for your business is very important amd makes all the difference between talking to your customers or your friends.<br />
We can help you with all your design needs.
Logos, websites or animated videos, you choose. We have the right people for the right job.
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Discover powerful integrity of pixel-perfect
design and inspiring ideas that will definitely blow up your mind

Full range of
design and motion services
It's just what we do..
An in house stock library at our disposal
It's not just footage in our library, we also have flares, fog and a range other elements to add an extra layer to our productions.
Reasonable and
flexible prices for clients
We specialize in video and photography and we know that different projects require dramatically different budgets. We have some innovative solutions that delivery insanely affordable video productions for social media or we can deliver fully crewed productions with highly skilled professionals.
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Our client’s reviews

Testimonial by John Waterhouse
'Awesome work on Monday, footage looks super good. I'm stoked!'
John Waterhouse
Night Owl Media
Testimonial by Deborah Kingsland
"At 10pencils they really listen and then they contribute their own ideas. Their solutions may use Miguel's formidable arsenal of film and lighting equipment. However he doesn't try to sell you what you don't need. He is equally happy adapting or improvising to come up with a tailor-made solution for any
budget. Miguel is a professional, through and through - even tempered and cheery even in the most stressful situations. He's a joy to work with and he goes the extra mile, again and again. "
Deborah Kingsland
Stronger Than Fiction
Testimonial by Mark Nickholson,
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Mark Nickholson,
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Proudly located in Canberra

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